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Vibratory Finishing, Centrifugal High Energy Finishing, Auxillary Equipment, Automation, Pre-owned Machines, Cutlery Finishing in UK

Performance Chart ActOn Finishing, a leading company based in the UK is a provider for solutions on mass finishing applications.

The business includes machinery manufacturing, consumables like various media and compounds. We are a complete solution provider and indulge in process development for our customers.

We are also a leading manufacturer of High Energy finishing barrel machines.

Acton also provides subcontract services to a vast majority of its customers in Aerospace, Automotive and various other industries.




Acton's machinary

Acton manufactures a range of metal finishing machines for mass finishing. These include various High Energy barrel finishing machines, Vibratory finishing machines, Driers, etc.

The equipment can be customised to user requirements.


Acton's consumables

Acton  has in its range various types of media for the mass finishing applications. High abrasive media for heavy burrs to fine polishing media for surface finish improvements. We also have various Agro media for drying/polishing applications. Acton liquid compounds are well accepted in the industry as excellent cleaning and polishing compounds.

Acton manufactures a range of consumables to suit specific process requirements.


Acton's subcontract

Acton's state of the art Subcontract facility has various types of facilities for metal finishing which include High Energy finishing, Vibratory finishing and manual polishing. We carry out work for various industries including Aerospace, Automotive, etc.

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